Tips For Fastest WordPress Site Hosting

WordPress is the leading content management system which is nowadays a necessity for managing a professional website. With the increase in number of WordPress market it is necessary to be the biggest player of the market but how?

Well, the key for that is the management of the speed of a website which always keeps fluctuating. Good speed means good traffic and poor speed means poor traffic, therefore, speed is very necessary and for stabilizing and managing the fastest WordPress site hosting, below are some tips:

Choosing the right host

  1. Choosing the right host: Choosing the right host is must for maintaining the fastest WordPress site as the speed of the website directly depends on the hosting service you choose. Some of the well-recognized hosting services are BlueHost, GoDaddy, and WP Engine.
  2. Choosing the right theme: Heavy themes acts as a load on your website and slows their functioning, Therefore, always light themes like Bimber and Sahifa should be used for fastest WordPress site hosting.

Choosing the right theme

3. Avoid Plugins: Plugins act as bloatware for your site and slows it down. Although plugins only increase the functionality of the website but only the use of less plugins is suggested.

4. Use Yoast WordPress Plugin: Yoast WordPress plugin is the best SEO tool available which a person can use on his website. It doesn’t only helps in SEO but also makes the site look faster.

Fastest wordpress site hosting

5. Choose the right CDN service: A CDN service delivers the content of your website to a user. For managing the fastest WordPress site hosting choose the right CDN service will be very much beneficial.

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