OMG! Selena Gomez Made A Shocking Revelation About Her Past Relationship With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez the Hollywood star is no more wants this Justin Bieber episode again in her life. That is why the 24-year-old superstar has broken all the links with her ex Justin Bieber.


“I promise I will continue to cherish my platform and speaking the truth but more importantly, each and every one of you has changed my life,”

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Tricks to Propose a Girl Indirectly on Facebook and Whats App

How to propose a girl indirectly with a status message on your Facebook

If you are looking for the ways to propose a girl indirectly to know her feelings about you, then you have landed on the right place. By following the given points below you can make your dream come true as well as you can make it a perfect proposal scenario for your lady love !!!

— First Introducing her with your friend circle

Propose a girl indirectly with the line – “You are different from other girls!”

Propose a Girl Indirectly

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These Unseen Hot Photos Of Radhe Maa

Blessed are the individuals who are honored by this God lady. Radhe Maa has been into the major headlines Couple of Months back. It would appear that she has gone exhausted of her consistent makeup and sari. But for the sake of her preachers, Radhe Maa who is a renowned ‘God Woman’ is Sizzling in the hot bikini. Yes, you heard that very right. A self-declared mysterious Guru who favors individuals in times of need is presently blended the entire social stage in the wake of posturing in a smaller than usual skirt. Check out These Unseen Hot Photos Of Radhe Maa Will Surely Raise your temperature.

Check here hot unseen photos of Radhe Maa

Unseen Hot Photos Of Radhe

Unseen Hot Photos Of Radhe

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How To Impress A Girl On Facebook Chat

In this new era of digitalization, everything is provided digitally and many people have started living their lives online. The hustle-bustle of daily life is very stressful to some people, their work, college or other responsibilities sometimes restrict them from enjoying themselves and isolate them silently. In such conditions making a friend can be really tough and failure brings depression, so to avoid such mishappenings people try to make friends online through the ways of social media.

how to impress a girl on facebook chat

Many relationships are made and broken on Facebook, the biggest social media site. Impressing a girl on facebook chat is not as easy as it seems because there’s no real contact between the communicators, just a computer screen and lots of lies and fraud with it. So now how are you going to impress a girl on facebook chat?

First of all maintain a good Facebook profile and keep it updating from time to time. On an online site like Facebook, as you are not able to represent yourself live, your profile does such a thing neatly. Provide your correct information on your profile and don’t fill unnecessary details and lies otherwise the rumor of everyone being the CEO of “Apple” on Facebook is so real.impress a girl on facebook chat

  1. Upload good pictures: Uploading good pictures on Facebook is very important as your pictures shows your looks to your online friends and your profile picture represents your first impression and “first impression is the last impression,” remember?
  2. Be yourself while chatting: Be yourself while chatting, some people just change their personalities completely in a chat, they tell lies to only to look cool but only make themselves a fool in front of a girl. So just stop the rubbish tell tales and always be yourself.
  3. Be social with everyone: Be social with everyone because when you only chat to a single girl, like only her posts and are only social with her, she will assume that you are clearly trying to hit on her. So for preventing such false impressions about yourselves also be social with your friends because “HAR EK FRIEND ZAROORI HOTA HAI.”

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Most Famous Hill Stations In India

Whenever we talk about vacations, we always think about most famous places. In India, there are lots of places to visit but, some of them are really good.

People want to visit hill stations on vacations during summers. The best way to choose the best place is the north side of India, but few of hill stations are located in the south side also. Here we have compiled a list of most visited and famous hill stations of India.

#1 Shimla



#2 Manali



#3 Khandala




#4 Kasauli

haveli restuarant kasauli7



#5 Mount Abu




#6 Panchgani


#7  Darjeeling



These all are most famous hill stations visited in India.

Tips on How to Impress a Girl on Facebook

This question comes into our mind always. Today life has become so busy for all people. This is mainly happened due to social media impact on our daily life. Nobody can stay disconnected even for a bit. Or we can say, its all because of smartphones. Every age group is now available on internet. Specially when we talk about the youth generation. This is because may be they have more creative ideas , plans or strategies to make their dreams come true.

Impress-the-GirlHow to impress a girl on facebook

Here we have just discussed or suggest few simple and easy ways on how to impress a girl online on facebook or chat. Following are the ways to impress a girl on facebook :

# Update your profile photo

# Share your life events

impressgirl#Update your Basic Information

# Make your all good photos visible

# Only post status written by yourself

# Like pages related to Motivation, Life, Health etc

So these were some steps which will help you to impress a girl on facebook.